Livy Disla from Olivet Teen Mission shared her reflection on her attendance at the Elim Healing & Prophetic Prayer Retreat held on July 15 at the Elim Center in Kirkwood, NY:

Today all who attended the prophetic and healing retreat received a lot of grace. During the first lecture we learned knowing the heart of God, how to enter a deep intimate level with Him, and develop our relationship with him. This we studied through Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

There are different stages that we have to go through in order to reach this intimate level which are all very different. The following are the 4 stages: We need to enter the room of holiness, the room of intimacy, the room of wailing, the strategy office.

The message was so deep that I cannot even express with words but the main parts that touched me were that to enter the room of holiness,the first thing we need to do is to repent by doing this we can become pure and enter the intimate room. After this we enter the room of wailing. This was very profound and massive to understand, however this is the room where we can understand God’s pain and understand his suffering and his pain. The pain that God has because he is carrying our pain. Our pain is his pain but God wants someone who can comfort his heart and who is willing to cry together with him, this was very very deep. After this we enter the strategy room which is where God can use us. We do not have to be skillful people we just have to be pure articles who can be used by God. 2 Timothy 2:20-21

There was a part where Pastor Faith shared that there can be a gold article and be dirty inside so we would not want to use it, but if there is a wood article although is just made out of wood from the outside if it is cleaned inside, we will want to use it. God is the same way he does not want to put his gold into an article that is dirty but if we are pure and clean although we are just wood God’s gold can enter us and at the end we are still an article of gold.

This is the kind of person that God wants to use and to whom he will also give his strategies on how to bring hope to the world.

After this we had a time of prayer where the message became deeper.

We then received another lecture on forgiveness. This is really beautiful because through accepting and believing in God’s forgiveness we can truly experience salvation of Jesus Christ. When we can accept and believe that God has forgiven us completely and has accepted us not only can we experience the fullness of joy but we can also pray for others in a deeper level.

My heart was completely touched by God’s love today and I wish to learn more about how to develop an intimate relationship with God and how to be complete through his forgiveness.