Elim Center International HQ expects all people entering our premises in New York State to abide by the Elim Center Community Guidelines to help maintain an exemplary Christian life and also to promote the dignity and welfare of all the residents and visitors in our community. Thank you very much for your cooperation. God bless you!


1. Teachability and Cooperative Spirit: We expect that people at Elim be teachable, willing to learn, and cooperative.

2. Gentle and Humble Attitude: Following the example of our Lord Jesus Christ, we expect people at Elim to exhibit a gentle and humble attitude in treating one another. Violence, swearing, slandering, gossiping, and any other unchristian behaviors and attitudes should be avoided.

3. Personal Hygiene and Appearance: People at Elim are expected to take good care of their personal hygiene and uphold a clean, modest, and non-distracting appearance in their dress throughout the Elim Center community.

4. Tobacco, Alcoholic Beverages, and Other Drugs: People at Elim must refrain from the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, and other non-prescribed drugs at all times.

5. Environment: People at Elim are expected to cooperate in keeping the facilities clean and tidy. Please clean after yourself. You can feel free to use our cleaning supplies for this purpose.

6. Health Insurance & Medical Treatments: People at Elim should have their own health insurance coverage. Neither Elim Center Intl, nor any of our programs, is responsible for covering hospitalization, visits to the doctor, or medications. People who are currently taking prescribed medications or receiving other forms of medical treatments should not drop these medications/treatments without consultation with the concerned health professionals. Elim doesn’t support such an act and cannot take any responsibility for any result that such an act might cause. Any consequences will be solely the responsibility of the person who has proceeded to act in any way not in accordance with the guidelines


7. Dating: We ask that all visitors and trainees whose stay will be less than three months not to seek to find a date/go out on a date during their stay without consultation with and confirmation from a pastoral staff member from Elim Center, except for the case of a couple who are already in courtship and plan to get married. We want this short period of time which is spent in a community setting to be used as a very special season for every participant to focus on pursuing God only.

8. Personal Expenditures: Visitors and trainees are required to have sufficient funds to cover all personal and living expenses incurred throughout the program. (Exception: The Elim Leadership Training participants are covered for the food (Monday – Friday) and housing.)


9. Duties: We expect staff and trainees to faithfully perform duties required in their position as a good owner and steward. People should make plans and schedules, and work diligently and effectively during their work hours. Workers are also encouraged to be creative and innovative as leaders in their areas to make differences. God can start something new through each worker this day.

10. Respect: We expect people at Elim to be open to receive general advice, supervision, and direction about the training and works from the leadership.

11. Attendance: We ask that staff and trainees try their very best to attend all the required meetings.

12. Punctuality: Staff and trainees are expected to try their best to be punctual in all formal and informal meetings and gatherings.