Thanks to God’s guidance, it took a long time to write this testimony.  This is not from me, but the work of the Holy Spirit.

In early February of this year, I was attending CES where I received a lot of grace. On the last day in that city, I had an accident. When I jumped from a high stone and my left foot was hurt. Although it was not painful at the beginning, it was difficult to walk after returning to Dover and greatly affected my rest and work.

However, even if this was the case, I hoped to experience God’s healing, but I feared that I could not remove the negative feelings that I had experienced. I am very grateful to my co-workers for helping me sign up for healing prayers. Although I was moving my feet to the Chaple for healing prayers, it was very clear about how little faith I had at that time. On the way there, I also ridiculed myself for wearing a big thick shoe. How can pray for my feet?

During the prayer meeting process, I was so touched by the members’ seeking and praying for healing and I also wanted to pray for them. However, it was somewhat indifferent for me to experience God in this matter. My own rationality is like a hungry wolf, it constantly devours the expectations of miracles. When the members prayed for me, I felt a warm flow in my foot. At that time, I really wanted to see who was praying for my foot? ^^ There was such powerful electricity that I could feel the warmth through my thick shoes. What happened next was that the muscles which were originally stiff because of the pain became loose and the entire part from the foot to the knee was released. It seems that muscles also get love directly, and that tension completely melts away. The pain in the foot was also relieved, and a very shocking electricity worked on my own muscles.

Although the recovery of the foot injury had been going on for some time, I experienced deep healing through this prayer meeting. I experienced a great deal of healing given to me by the Holy Spirit through the prayers. It’s not because of what I’ve done and what I’ve prepared. It’s God’s work through the Holy Spirit. The love of God is absolute. It completely engulfs the inadequacies and weaknesses of people. Everyone who comes to Him can receive the reward and grace. I also hope that I can learn to seek God more, experience more of God’s glory, and give back God the full glory. Thank God, AMEN.

Testimony from Oliver Zhai in Dover