Elim Center International is an international Christian prayer ministry for healing and restoration of individuals, the church and society.

Healing is always necessary for a person to be restored and reveal his original image, which is what God intended for him in the beginning. Furthermore, the need for healing of a person as a whole from various kinds of wounds is even greater than at any other time today.

Jesus Christ showed us the image of the first ‘true’ human God was well pleased with ever since the human fall. God eagerly desires each one of His children to be restored by the work of the Holy Spirit, which is able to heal any wound, to live as a ‘true’ human following the purpose of creation and the life of Jesus Christ.

The one who has experienced God’s restoring grace will be able to be used without any hindrance as God wishes in his respective place of life for the accomplishment of the Great Commission and the restoration of the whole creation, which has been groaning right up to the present time.

Elim Center believes prayer is the very means of mediating the work of the Holy Spirit and hopes for healing to be brought to the many wounded souls through faithful prayers ceaselessly offered by its intercessors and other visitors.


To contribute to the global revival of this last era, Elim Center International has been conducting following projects in the power of the Holy Spirit.


Elim Center International has been developing the Elim World Prayer Center ever since its establishment for leading and developing Elim’s all prophetic and intercessory prayer activities worldwide. It works to make an effective prayer system, build up a prayer center in every city and country, and network with other prayer ministries.


Elim Center International has been operating the Elim Healing Center, where people can experience powerful spiritual, mental, and physical healing through onsite, online, and phone services. Healing is a powerful method for helping many people realize the undeniable power of the love of God and leading them closer to Him.


Elim Center International has established the Elim Counseling Center. Who can understand and help us better than the Holy Spirit, the Counselor that our Father sent to us? Though Elim counselors do not neglect the accumulated knowledge for understanding and helping people, more than anything else, they are truly sincere in praying for the souls whom they counsel to ask help from the Holy Spirit. Elim is working hard to produce many professional and volunteer counselors in order to reach out to many broken souls of this broken era through onsite, online, and phone counseling services.


Following the biblical tradition of the School of the Prophets, Elim has established and been operating the Elim School of Prayer since 2016. Through this online training system, Elim staff members continuously receive training and grow as competent prayer leaders no matter where they are located. The school provides conferences and lectures in the areas of healing, intercessory prayer, prophetic prayer, counseling, and spiritual formation.


We at Elim Center International always have a strong desire to deepen our spirituality by continuous meditation, prayer, study, and serving like in the monasteries of old times. Monasteries were once centers for all spiritual practices and theological reflections. That is why we have established the Elim Academy of Spiritual Theology following such an example. The adacemy aspires to become a professional center for Christian spirituality. The academy offers non-degree educational and training programs, conduct academic research, and produce resources in the area of Christian spirituality.


Elim Center International is a prayer ministry that serves to connect the thirsty souls of this world with the life-giving grace that comes from our Father God.

Our vision is to establish a presence in every city in the world by setting up a chapter so that the healing of God may be manifested far and wide, with each city experiencing transformation very much like a new Garden of Eden.

For the accomplishment of this vision, Elim Center has been vigorous in planting new chapters, and such efforts have born fruits in over 40 countries. We will continue our efforts until the prophecy of the Lord is fulfilled, that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea” (Isa 11:9).