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Poem: If Jesus Wasn't Alive, I'd Feel Dead Today

On Dec 06, 2018 12:12 PM EST


If Jesus wasn't alive, I'd feel dead today,

For only He gives me hope for a better life ahead.

Just as light overcomes the darkness,

Everytrhing about Him reassures me that there is nothing to dread.

Such warmth and kindness is so rarely seen

Under the heavens or on earth down below.

Such is the love Jesus has for me.

Without Him, I'd be lost, I know.

All my days had been a struggle;

Strong feelings of doom and despair.

No where to run, no where to hide;

Total chaos leading to nightmares and fear.

All I had loved was taken away;

Lost dreams never being refound.

I buried my wife a year ago because she died;

Visions of happy days dashed to the ground.

Every day I'd withdraw, every night I cried.

I knew things had to improve or I'd die.

Doesn't seem fair to have so much pain.

Forget the past and give a new life a try.

Each morning I started to wake up determined.

Excuses won't help make things right.

Looking upward to heaven, I prayed hard to God,

Don't let me continue on like this. Help me to fight.

Everything seemed to become so much clearer.

A true friend like Jesus could show me the way.

Doing unselfish acts to help others

Truely helped me also, as self pity just ebbed away.

Open mind and open heart matter greatly.

Doubts give way to feelings of trust. Oh wow!

All the Good News found in the Bible

Yields the hope found in Jesus, alive and with me now.

Richard Cerruti 



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