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Poem: Paradise or Torment - You Decide

On Dec 04, 2018 02:57 PM EST



When our natural lives come to an end

We do not cease to exist.

Our spirits live on, in either a place of dread,

Or in a place of peace, joy and bliss.

We know the story of Lazarus and the man of wealth.

Their earthly lives were as different as the night and day.

The rich man had everything, but did not share,

While the beggar Lazarus suffered throughout his earthly stay.

When the two men died, their conditions were changed.

Lazarus went to Abraham's Busom in Paradise.

The rich man went to a place of suffering and pain

Because in life he was greedy and not at all nice.

He was burning in fires and his tongue was so parched.

He begged for Lazarus to come with some water to cool.

But a wide chasm prevented any crossing from one to the other,

And he at last regretted, too late, that he'd been a fool.

We reap what we sow; Our actions do matter.

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

Deny Jesus, and post mortem torments await,

For such is the result of a life of sin.

When Jesus was crucified along with two thieves,

One mocked Him and did not believe.

The other repented and asked Jesus only to remember him;

This man was saved and in Paradise, relieved.

Accept Jesus as your Savior and follow His ways.

The choice is completely up to you.

Trust in the Lord, and Paradise does await.

Believe, because the words of Jesus are true.

Richard Cerruti 



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