Prayers Article

The Oasis

On Oct 18, 2018 03:47 PM EDT


After traveling so long and growing weak and weary,

And seeing no relief from the burning sun,

Struggling on despite increasing hardships,

And wondering if the trials will ever be done,

We see a new hope on the distant horizon;

Some cool green grass and water blue.

We sight a refuge, a healing oasis,

A place where our energies will have a time to renew.

It's a place known as Elim, the oasis we seek;

Like the Phoenix, a re-arizen place of recovery, of healing, of prayer..

We can renew our faith and our strength regrow,

Knowing that God, with us, will be there.

We'll recharge our batteries and our purpose renew.

Our sense of mission increased, we're back on track.

We're determined and reborn and again ready to face

The challenges ahead, for our passion is back.

We can again help fight God's battles;

God's kingdom continue to build.

Time well used at the oasis helped prepare us

To do more good work for God as we should.

Richard Cerruti  --  October 15,  2018



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