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Jack and Violet

On Oct 03, 2018 02:06 PM EDT
God Husband wife


Jack and Violet were super heroes.

They could fly, become invisible, and shrink to tiny size.

They were recently married and loved each other so much,

Each considered the other to be a true prize.

Jack had been a jealous man.

He was envious of Ivan's and Athena's love.

Only regret about his actions caused him to change;

That, and God's gift from above.

Violet was good and she loved Jesus the Lord.

Jack knew she was the one he would need

To become a better man and change his wrong thoughts;

And they became a wonderful couple indeed.

The love of a good woman can often perfect a man;

For a woman, a good man can usually do the same.

When both love God and put him first in their lives,

They tend to do right , and live with faith, not with shame.

They would read God's Word and pray together each morn.

With Jesus as guide, the three made a great team.

They used their super powers to try to help others in need.

Each day was like a wonderful dream.

Things went well for Violet and Jack

Because they loved and lived in the ways God saw fit.

They loved God and each other and their neighbor so well.

Any problem seemed small and mattered not even a bit.

They praised God for His goodness;

For giving them each other, and a purpose for their life.

Their God-given powers, used for justice and good,

Helped keep them united in harmony: God, husband and wife.

Richard Cerruti  --   October 3, 2018

(PS: Today would have been my parents, Richard and Vincenza, 65th wedding anniversary- in loving memory.)



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