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Poem: The Ballad Of David And Goliath

On Sep 27, 2018 12:20 PM EDT
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In the early days of Israel's past,

When the country was led by a king named Saul,

Their long time enemy, the Phillistines,

Again came to fight a war.

They had a great warrior named Goliath.

He stood about nine feet nine inches tall.

He taunted the Israelite soldiers

With this arrogant mocking call:

"Is there anyone brave enough to fight me?"

"One on one, with the winner take all.

If your man wins, we will surrender,

But you're afraid, for I will never fall."

A young shepherd boy named David

Was close to God, for he had a good heart.

He tended his father Jesse's sheep all day,

But for Israel, he would play a great part.

Acustomed to fighting lions and bears,

He was fearless when it came to doing what's right.

He was the only one brave enough to face the giant,

For he knew God would provide him with might.

Without sword, spear or armor,

He answered the challenge of Goliath the great.

With only his weapon of a sling and some stones,

He went forth to determine Israel's fate.

The giant laughted when he saw the small lad approach him.

He mocked him, and treated David with scorn.

But God was with David, and He guided his hand,

As he let fly a smooth stone now airborn.

The stone struck Goliath squarely between his two eyes;

The one place his armor did not defend.

Taking the giant's sword, David cut off his head,

And his reign of terror at last came to an end.

The Phillistines paniced and fled quickly away.

Israel's army pursued, and God's people prevailed.

David grew in the country's favor and one day became king.

God's plan was realized, never to fail.

David was a man after God's own heart,

He ruled the nation greatly and quite fine.

His desendants succeeded him as Israel's leaders,

With Jesus Himself as the greatest king of the line.

Richard Cerruti   ---   September 27, 2018



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