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Poem: Angels: Messengers Of God

On Sep 18, 2018 01:25 PM EDT


An angel is a spiritual being,

Not made of flesh and blood.

God created them to do His bidding.

Each one a masterpiece to be beheld.

Luminous bodies that can fly;

So diligent in their tasks they be;

Mighty beings with important roles to play;

Eternal and more numerous than any eye can see.

Sent by God to interact with man,

So as to help protect and guide

Each person as it's special charge;

No one to be denied.

God often sends messages for them to bring,

Ensuring that His will be told.

Reaching out to humans, to whom they aid,

Showing themselves as a presence to behold.

Oh Angels, servants of God that you are;

Faithfully fulfilling the tasks assigned;

Gloriously glowing with the Divine Light;

Overseeing the needs of heaven and earth combined.

Divine doers of Heavenly deeds. Angels. Amen.

Richard Cerruti  --  September 13, 2018:



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