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Poem: Goliath, The Powerful, The Bullies, And The Young Davids

On Sep 17, 2018 10:24 AM EDT


Goliath, the nine foot nine giant of a man, did roar.

All who beheld him were filled with awe and fear.

He was a giant bully of great power and might,

And all would meekly surrender whenever he came near.

He would have his way, this enforcer of the powers that be.

None were brave enough to stand up for what's right.

Everyone felt helpless against so mighty a foe;

All except David, a small shepherd boy, who was willing to fight.

Armed with only a sling and some stones he had bought,

David knew that God would be by his side.

Goliath laughted when he saw this boy take a stand,

But David knew that what went before a fall was pride.

Goliath mocked him and threatened his life,

But David stood his ground and slung his stone.

God guided it so that it struck the giant's head.

Down fell the bully, and in defeat, the wicked did moan.

David wasn't afraid to stand up for what's right.

He knew God's on the side of His people, without fail.

We should be like David; Fight the power when we know it is wrong.

Although small and humble, the righteous, with God's help, shall prevail.

Richard Cerruti   --   Sept. 8, 2018




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