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The Time of Elim Berlin

On Sep 06, 2018 11:24 AM EDT
Berlin Elim


As more people are coming to the church for bible study and prayer, a church minister realizes the importance of prayer and its ministry 'Elim'. Some people deepen their faith through prayer while some go deeper by listening to the word of God. For those who get stuck in their thoughts and emotions, the meeting of prayer works powerfully. The more people taste the changes, the more they bring their prayer topics in detail and pray very sincerely. 

Most of Germans are proud of their excellence in many fields, so they tend not to listen to others but like to speak first. For them, it's hard to listen to the word of God deep inside of their hearts. It doesn't allow them to understand what they hear. However, when they pray and share the grace of God, then they listen and want to take further steps. After experiencing some tendencies of this nation, a church minister was able to understand them more and realize the importance of praying more deeply. 

It's time for Elim Germany to stand firmly and think about how they can co-work with a church so that people an be healed through this ministry.



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