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The Greatest News Story Ever

On Sep 01, 2018 05:14 AM EDT
News of Christ


If there were newspapers two thousand years ago,

The front page headline might have read:

Holy Man Jesus Christ Crucified;

Rises Again Three Days After Being Dead.

Imagine the excitment this news would have caused.

Jesus was well known and was the hope of the people.

The grief of his death, and the joy of his return,

His victory over the terrifying Grim Reaper.

When Mary Magdalene, on that first Sunday morning

Went to annoint Jesus' body with spices, she found

That the tomb was empty; The great stone rolled away.

As an angel came to comfort her, she felt joy unbound.

She saw Jesus risen from the dead.

Then John and Peter saw Him too.

Jesus met with all his disciples, and then

They knew all He had said was true.

Jesus shortly after left them to ascend

Up to heaven, to sit at the Father's right hand.

But he promised he would return in the clouds of the sky,

To take his rightful place as ruler of this land.

Truly this was the greatest news there ever was;

How Jesus overcame death and came back to life again.

One day soon, He'll come back here to make

The earth a paradise for the saved, without end.

Richard Cerruti    ---  August 31, 2018



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