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Poem: Be Prepared

On Aug 13, 2018 12:41 PM EDT
Be Prepared


Be prepared. That's the motto of the American boy scout.

It's a good principle we all should heed.

We should never find ourselves caught off guard,

For the Day of the Lord is approaching with galloping speed.

There once were ten waiting virgins,

Not knowing exactly when the bridegroom would be there.

The wise ones had extra oil for their lamps;

The foolish were caught unaware.

The wise virgins were happily accepted by the Lord.

The foolish were shut out, forever to weep and wail.

And as an alert strong man can protect his home from the thief,

When good is watchful and ready, evil cannot prevail.

So be prepared and not taken by surprise.

Don't be an ostrich with it's head in the sand.

Revelation tells us of what is shortly to come.

Pray hard for deliverance and the help of God's mighty hand.

The four horsemen are fast approaching.

The trumpets are starting to blare.

The signs of Tribulation are all around us

We all need to be aware.

Satan knows that his remaining time is short.

He's filled with hate, anger and rage.

The Beast will try to force us to accept his mark.

To resist will require much faith and great courage.

However, those days will be fortunately shortened,

For they will be times of terror throughout the land.

But we can have hope to carry on,

For they mean the rapid coming of The Son of Man.

No one but the Father knows exactly the hour or the day,

For Jesus will return like a thief in the night.

Like a royal lion who has come to rule,

He will make everything forever right.

Richard Cerruti  --- August 12, 2018



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