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Poem: What is the cost of Pentecost?

On May 21, 2018 10:47 AM EDT


What is the cost of Pentecost?

A time when the Spirit bestows gifts to you and me;

Great spiritual gifts of incaluable value;

And yet , the best things in life are free.

We may gain the ability to speak in tongues,

Or to interpret what is being said.

To give prophecy, to heal, or teach Gospel truth;

To preach to people's hearts, not just the head.

To serve God and man with sincere unselfish love;

To treat others as we would like them to treat us;

To be more like Jesus, who gave up His life

So that our souls would not end up as dust.

For the wages of sin yield only death.

But Jesus paid the full price as a ransom.

At Pentecost, the Helper was sent to guide and empower

So that God's kingdom will more quickly come.

And so, what is the cost of Pentecost?

Jesus had to die and rise again.

And we have to pray with patience and might,

Till the Holy Spirits' gifts He will send.

Richard Cerruti  --  May 20, 2018



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