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Poem: Going Back Home With Wings On

On May 07, 2018 12:17 PM EDT


The Autumn years have come for me

Though all around me it's Spring.

Still I'll face each day as I would a gift,

No matter what challenges it may bring.

The time spent on earth was of value.

I  tried to make every day count.

To love God and each other is our purpose;

That's what life's all about.

Heaven is truly a most wonderful place.

To enter its' gate is the ultimate bliss.

To dwell with Jesus is the greatest reward

Pleasure is to commune with angels and loved ones we miss.

True we must wait for God's appointed time.

Not us, but He, must make that call. That's fine !

Peace and joy await all who keep faith till the end.

The prize ahead, I approach the nearby finish line.

I'm going back home with wings on,

So the travel will be smooth and fast.

I've been in this old world for so very long.

How good to soon be with my Savior at last.

Richard Cerruti    --   May 5,  2018



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