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Pastor Zechariah Inspired All Elim Staff to Pray More to Protect the Promised Land During Intercessory Prayer Time

On Apr 27, 2018 01:34 PM EDT


Intercessory Prayer is always the focus for all Elim Dover staff, especially in this critical moment. Pastor Zechariah, who is staying in Dover to strengthen the Spiritual level, inspired all Dover staff to pray more for World headquarters that God has given to us as He promised on the morning of April 25, 2018.

"Please Pray more and cry out more. If you don't cry out with tears for this promised beautiful  land, who will do? It's time to cry out with tears, God is with you. It's the critical period. A lot of prayers are needed." Pastor Zechariah Prophesied.

Then Pastor Zechariah shared the situation and spiritual battle we are experiencing and pointed out what we should focus on Intercessory prayers.

The most important about the payment is to ensure the promised land that God gave us. We have done a series of great miracles on this great land, and we should never let it end here, so more prayers are needed. 

Second, we should pray more for our precious business ministry. Our beautiful deacons sacrificed a lot in the past years. Even though they are suffering, they gave hospitality. We should pray more for the current business ministries to become much stable and better. In addition, we should pray for more new business ministries and leaders to come out and support our community. 

Third, Elim should pray more for the mission.  New powerful business leaders can be set up only through mission when we pray for all the ministers in mission fields.

"The Promised land that God has given us is so beautiful. Through the suffering, more and more buildings will be set up and fill this land abundantly.  God has gaven us and we should be alert and make sure that no room for others, just for us. We can make this land to be a paradise." Pastor Zechariah ended.  



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