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Olivet Teen Mission Dover and Korea Olivet Teen Mission representative (Daeun Jung) visits Elim Center HQ

On Apr 20, 2018 12:45 PM EDT


On April 18, Olivet Teen Mission Dover and Korea Olivet Teen Mission representative (Daeun Jung) visited Elim Center HQ.  OTM plan on visiting Elim Center HQ once a month for prayers and to receive strength.

They fellowshipped with the ELIM staff and together they all watched the Wednesday night service via live broadcast which was delivered by Rev. David Jang.  One of the members shared their reflection on the message:

"I was really touched by how Barnabas humbled himself to play his part in assisting Saul, who later became Paul to his calling. 

Even though the word did not speak much about Barnabas, his work is evident and clearly seen through Paul.  This gave me the understanding that we all play an important role in the church no matter how small, whether in the fore front or in the background.  When we co-work everything works together for the good of the vision"

The staff at Elim Center HQ look forward to fellowship with OTM again and will continue to pray for their ministry.



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