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Poem: Easter Always Makes Me Happy

On Apr 02, 2018 12:05 PM EDT


Easter always makes me happy,

With memories of special treats to be seen.

From the Easter breads my mother made,

Colored Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

Things a child would enjoy and cherish;

Flowers growing; The earth again becoming green.

But is that all it is to Easter?

What does it all mean?

Many of us have lost loved ones.

We long to see them again some day.

Easter brings us hope of rebirth and renewal,

Because Jesus has showed us the way.

Long ago He lived among us as a man.

He suffered and died so that we may live again.

His resurrection on Easter was the proof

That death need not be the end.

Jesus loves us with the greatest possible love.

He laid down His life for us sinners as a true friend.

So we know that if we have faith and love for our Lord,

We will have life together without any end.

Easter is the time when I'm reminded of this.

My doubts all fall away.

Easter is Jesus and the hope He provides.

That's why Easter makes me happy today.

Richard Cerruti   ----   April 1,  2018    ...  Happy Easter



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