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Pastor Zechariah Visited San Francisco, Encouraged Members through Prayer Meeting

On Mar 26, 2018 09:29 AM EDT

On March 23, Elim headquarters Pastor Zechariah visited San Francisco. His visit was to give members hope and strength through prayer, especially during this very difficult time, hoping to walk this period till the end.

At the Friday prayer meeting, Elim San Francisco invited the Pastor Zechariah to lead the prayer meeting. He shared the true meaning of suffering reading from John 16:19-24. Jesus told his disciples that you should not worry too much. Your fears will become joy. In his sermon, he emphasized that the suffering suffered by those who believe in God will remain in heaven. This is totally different from the suffering of this world. Therefore, what we boast about as a disciple of Christ is the suffering of giving birth to a child. Although there will be great pain in giving birth to a child, it is all about the life. Therefore, it is ultimately joy. He encouraged everyone to learn to accept these pains when they face suffering and wait for the birth of life with hope and joy.

After the preaching, he led the people to pray together. Everyone prayed with a deep heart, meditating on the Word of God. In the process of prayer, many members got a lot of renewal and strength. It is so important to have strong work of the Holy Spirit so that the members in San Francisco can regain strength and greater hope to run the kingdom of God.



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