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Poem: What's So Good About Good Friday?

On Mar 23, 2018 03:42 PM EDT
good friday


Next week we again "celebrate" Good Friday,

The day when Jesus suffered and died;

When He endured cruel beatings, humilation and pain;

When in anguish, to His Father, He cried.

"I know it's your will that I partake of this cup,

But why have you foresaken me now?"

"I never gave in to any sin or temptation,

And your heart's grieved at this event you must allow."

"Pilate and Herod could not spare me.

Our own people's leaders wanted me to die this way."

After some time on the cross, He said,"It is finished."

Jesus truly did die that day.

His lifeless body was placed in a tomb.

Those who loved Him wept and wailed.

Just when all seemed lost, for the Lord was gone,

Fear and grief could not be assailed.

Then on Easter Sunday morning, Mary and others approached the tomb.

They saw the stone was rolled away, with no body lying there.

An angel told them Jesus has arisen and is fully alive.

Soon to Mary and the disciples, Jesus would appear.

All this happened as was foretold by the prophets.

Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb who died for our sins.

We have only to believe and we will be saved.

Death's not the end. Evil is defeated. Justice and goodness wins.

Truly it is always darkest just before the dawn.

Struggle and suffering will happen before the rerward.

Good Friday is the perfect reminder that we will have

A resurrection, as did Jesus, our Lord.

Richard Cerruti    ----     March 23,  2018



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