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Elim HQ and Dover Held a Meeting to Encourage Everyone to Focus on the Bible and Grace from God

On Mar 21, 2018 01:55 PM EDT
Elim Dover

On the morning of March 20, Pastor Zechariah from Elim Center Intl HQ had a meeting with all Elim Dover staff and interns with a total of 11 attendees.

During the meeting, Pastor Zechariah said, if we really want to pray deeply, we should get more grace and love from God, and we should have the faith as well. How can we get the grace and love? First, we should have a humble heart before God, then we should focus on the Bible every day and every moment.  When we have abundant grace and filled with Holy Spirit, the power of prayer will be revealed. When we are close to the Bible every day, all the hurts we got in the past will be interpreted again and will heal others. When we pray more for our hurts and the powerful prayer will come out to comfort more souls.

The guidance gave all staff clear direction in our daily spiritual life training and all of us gained much more benefit from it.

Elim staff also put forward some questions related to the Ministry and prayers. All received answers. They had a very graceful communication.

Later, Pastor Hannah, the director of Elim Dover shared the direction and focus in the ministry in Dover.

First, we will still focus on staff training to make each staff be a prayer warrior to protect our community, especially in Dover HQ. Our goal is that each staff can lead a prayer meeting and pray for an event when needed.

Second, intercessory prayer is the focus in Elim Dover. HQ need more and more prayer and the power of prayer should be revealed here.

Third, each ministry leader including intercessory prayer, Prophetic prayer, healing prayer and academy should be set up. Now only Healing Prayer Ministry leader was set up till now. Esther Zhang is the leader of this ministry. Other ministry leaders should be prayed for more.

The meeting was full of grace and guidance from Holy Spirit. Pastor Zechariah said, "there is so many staff gathered in today's meeting, It's amazing." May God lead Elim Dover to develop quickly, to grow into powerful prayer warriors to protect our community.





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