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Poem: A Child Has Come Home To Heaven

On Mar 18, 2018 01:28 PM EDT

A child has come home to heaven.

His time on earth has flown by so fast.

God has called him to be with His family above,

With many others whose lifetimes have passed.

He will miss his earthly father and mother.

He was truely their pride and joy.

They will cry for he is not physically with them now;

Their sweet darling baby boy.

But God loves the little children.

He cherishes His every innocent daughter and son.

In heaven they can play throughout each day,

In a land fill of beauty, joy and fun.

We don't know why God takes up a child so young.

His thoughts and ways are not always the same as our own.

But God's wisdom is vast and His heart is so kind;

His reasons and purpose will one day be known.

So though we are sad at this sudden change and our loss,

We must console ourselves with this thought as we pray:

Death's not the end;  We'll see each other again,

And be re-united in heaven forever some day.

Richard Cerruti   ---  February  27,  2018



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