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Elim HQ Lent-Centered Lectures Encourage Elim Staff to Meditate on the Grace of God

On Mar 08, 2018 03:32 PM EST
Lent Elim HQ

From the begining of Lent, Elim HQ have been working on daily prayer lectures focused on Lent so that all Elim staff and members can meditate on the grace of God. Pastor Zechariah from Elim HQ has been giving lectures in Korean every morning for one week. The lectures were interpreted in Chinese, English and Spanish to help all Elim staff and members around the world to meditate the meaning of Lent and the cross of love deeply.

After the daily prayer, Pastor Zechariah prayed together with Dover staff for all the important prayer topics.

Monday, March 5, Pastor  Zechariah gave his last lecture in Dover before returening back to Elim Center HQ, Kirkdwood.

The daily lectures strengthened Elim staff. They covered many aspects to meditate the love of God, which broadened and deepened our faith and made us really want to  follow the path that our savior Jesus Christ took.



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