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Elim Atlanta Friday Prayer Meeting: Come to the Bread of Life

On Jan 13, 2018 11:02 AM EST
Atlanta Friday Prayer Meeting

In front of a record-setting 16 guest, Minister Michael preached from John 6:35,63  for Friday Prayer Meeting on January 12, 2018. 

The prayer meeting was very joyful and powerful. One new guest, Jasmin, the 17-year-old cousin of Michael's student, Vanessa Eusebio was able to attend and gather together to pray deeply with the 15 others gathered, full of the Words of Spirit and life. 

"As the believers that follow Jesus walking in the footsteps of Christ we must give true bread to this city to quench the spiritual hunger and thirst. Let's pray and live this faith so that more come to eat. Like parents, we show them the food to eat and they also learn by watching. Let your good deeds shine before men so the Father is glorified." Minister Michael shared.

Following the message, joyful smiles and passionate cries were features of the congregation as they prayed for repentance, thankfulness, humble hearts, the Holy Spirit to help them cry out in prayer for the kingdom to come sooner, and for coworkers ready to follow the Lord as our brothers and sisters.

May God continue to gather the hearts at these meetings regularly, pouring out His Spirit on them. 



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