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Poem: God always comes through in the clutch

On Dec 27, 2017 02:21 PM EST
God always comes through


God always comes through in the clutch.

He helps us in our time of need.

Just when all seems lost, if we keep the faith,

We can know He'll be with us indeed.

By man's thoughts, all may seem hopeless.

We fear we're at the mercy of the storm.

Though clouds may surround us, there's always that Light,

That will bring comfort and keep us protected and warm.

So often, I've felt that all was lost.

Hard times ahead were all I could see.

I should have just realized that God truly does care.

Countless times He's been there for me. 

Sometimes I've been sad and felt all alone.

Trapped and helpless, a loose leaf in the wind.

Adrift in the ocean, my anchor I seek

As I cry out," I repent of my sin !"

" I'm doomed, I don't deserve to be saved.

How could anyone love a sinner like me? "

Such wrong thoughts going through my poor head.

For truly, Jesus is here to set me free.

God will never let any of His children down.

He always comes through in the clutch.

Faith will keep me going and will guide my path.

Oh Lord, I love you and thank you so much !

Richard Cerruti   --  December 24,  2017



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