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Life-transforming Prayer Meeting on Elim 9th Anniversary Day

On Dec 05, 2017 03:56 PM EST
Elim Center Intl
Elim Center Intl
Elim Center Intl
Elim Center Intl

Following the 9th Anniversary Service of Elim Center Intl, a powerful Anniversary Prayer Meeting was held after dinner on December 3, 2017 under the leadership of pastor Faith.  

During the prayer meeting, pastor Faith called on all people to seek God's heart and love through the prayers of prophecy. Elim leaders and staffs prayed for all the attendees to give them comfort and strength. Many members shed tears and got healed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ. One member testified that "Yesterday I had a shoulder pain but it got relief through the prayer meeting. It was amazing. The Elim staff who prayed there touched me and massaged my shoulder and waist. Now I am released from pain." Everyone enjoyed the two-hour prayer time and meet God deeply during the prayer.

Elim leaders and staffs also prayed for one another at the end of the prayer meeting and encouraged on another so that they can receive greater hope and power to serve better as they are leaving for their own mission location soon.

Elim gives all the thanks and glory back to God and they will keep moving forward for the great dream of God's Kingdom.




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