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Title: Welcome to Paradise ( 2007 )

On Dec 06, 2017 06:24 PM EST

This is the story of Debbie Laramie, a young idealistic female Christian pastor and her experiences of leading her church. One day, she is told by the area church leaders that she must relocate to the small Texas town of Paradise and become the new pastor there. This is , partially at least, due to her " somewhat untraditional methods of preaching", as well as their discomfort at her being a woman preacher in a very conservative town. She and her high school aged son, Hayden, move to Paradise, and Pastor Debbie tries her best to win over her new congregation. They are, at first, rather opposed to her, especially when she reaches out to the local homeless population in an effort to include them in the church activities. The trouble becomes magnified when one homeless woman, who was sleeping on the church grounds, accidentally starts a fire and the church is completely burned down. As there was no fire insurance, the area church leaders decide to close down the parish and make everyone go to another church many miles away. The only chance to keep the church in Paradise is for a new church building to be built in a few days. A woman offers to donate an old barn, and the town comes together at last to work to renovate the building and get the new church ready for the coming Sunday service. The unselfish total group effort succeedes as everyone unites behind their pastor. Old hurts, prejudices, and bad feelings disappear and truly the town begins to live up to its' name -  Paradise. 

This was one of the nicest Christian movies that I have watched in a while, and i think that many people will enjoy seeing it. It can be found for free on youtube as a search under Christian Movies. I recommend it as we strive to build and contribute to our own little " Paradise" churches in whatever part of the world in which we live.

Richard Cerruti  -- December  6,  2017



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