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Poem: Know The One Who Makes Life Worth Living

On Dec 06, 2017 05:57 PM EST

 Life is worth living when the right one comes along; 

The one who makes us feel alive.

We'll know in our heart;  It just feels right.

Our spirit becomes refreshed and revived.

Of all the people who have ever lived,

Jesus loves us the most, through and through.

He's unselfish and kind and gives His all.

No questions asked;  His heart's always true.

If we're sad and depressed,

And hope seems hard to find,

We must never give up because there is one

Who loves us with all His heart, soul and mind.

Let us not waste this great priceless gift.

His love is free if we just accept it.

When we remove any doubts, hesitations or fears,

Life makes sense and it all starts to fit.

We are like sheep who need to belong and feel loved.

We deeply need to know the one who will care.

Then we'll feel safe and make the most out of life,

As we know that He will always be there.

Richard Cerruti  --  December 3,  2017



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