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Poem: Thanksgiving

On Nov 22, 2017 08:31 PM EST


Everyone has something to be thankful for;

Someone to love; Someone who cares. 

That is worth more than any treasure on earth;

Divine love that spans many years.

Jesus will always be there for each one of us,

Even if people tend to come and go. 

His love is so deep that He gave us His life.

His love never ceases to flow.

The Holy Spirit sends down priceless gifts;

Their value's greater than pearls or gold.

From the healing of other's many various ills,

To prophecy so that God's Word can to many be told. 

We should take stock of all of our blessings;

Things we may have wrongly despised.

We'll see that God's love's always faithful,

If we will only open our eyes.

This is a time to remember the good and be thankful,

Although that should be the case every day.

For all we hold dear and for every event in our lives,

There is a reason for what comes our way.

We may not always understand the big picture,

But God has a great plan for us we believe.

It is right to give Him praise and worship,

And be grateful for all the gifts we receive.

Richard Cerruti     Nov. 22,  2017



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