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Poem: I Know We Can Make It Together

On Oct 27, 2017 12:06 PM EDT


I know we can make it together.

When you're with me, it's more than enough.

Dear God, with your help I can face whatever may come;

No trial will ever be too tough.

You've always been so faithful to me,

As I strive to be to you.

Your love and caring are all that I need.

You guide me in everything that I do.

There are many temptations and evils

That I find I must face every day. 

But with the power from your Holy Spirit,

I have strength to keep them all at bay.

Why You look after a sinner like me

Is more than I can understand.

I guess we're like little wayward children;

When we fall, you're always there to lend a hand.

You're the Good Shepherd to all of us.

You don't want to lose a single sheep.

I need not fear the wolves at the door.

You're there for us to safely keep.

So I know we can make it together.

Ther's no need for doubt or fear.

Lifes' storms will prove no danger.

I'm grafeful that for me You're Always There.

Richard Cerruti  --  October 27,  2017



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