Prayers Article

Poem: Proper Prayer and Its' Rewards

On Oct 24, 2017 09:21 AM EDT


Focus on the prayer topic at hand, 

And God will answer as only He can. 

He'll give us all we ask sincerely of Him

When we pray with persistence, vigor and vim.

Intercede powerfully for others in need,

And the Holy Spirit will make our prayer mighty indeed.

Seek His aid with all your soul and your heart,

And angels will come;  Good works they will start.

With motives so pure and no greed, envy or hate,

With full expectation and patience, we wait.

We know God in His time will always come through;

With never ending faith, His promise is honest and true.

As God cares for us with a heart full of love,

He hears our cries as He listens to all from above.

As the greatest Father to His children, as a Shepherd to His sheep,

He'll deliver us from all evil; Our souls' safety He'll keep.

Richard Cerruti   --  October 18,  2017



Cairo has been shaken by another deadly attack that targeted a Coptic Christian bookshop and a church on Dec. 29, when a gunman went on a rampage and killed nine people before being shot.
Christians in the city of Basra in Iraq have reportedly been pushed to isolation amid the threats of extinction of non-Muslim minorities after the majority had failed to protect them from extremists in the last few years.
SAS snipers, who were part of mopping up campaigns after the fall of Mosul managed to save a Christian family merely seconds away from being decapitated by Islamic State militants for refusing to convert to Islam.