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Book Review: The Shack , by Wm. Paul Young, copyright 2007, Windblown Media, ISBN: 978- 0- 9647292- 3- 0

On Oct 13, 2017 04:37 PM EDT
The Shack

The Shack tells the story of a man, Mackenzie Allen Philips ( Mack ), and his unconventional experience following a very traumatic event in his life. Four years after a tragic family camping trip in the Oregon wilderness, in which his youngest child, six-year-old Missy, is kidnapped and possibly murdered, he finds a letter in his mailbox from " Papa ". The letter invites him to come to a meeting at the shack, the place where the crime was committed. Mack has been struggling with deep depression and anger issues; anger at himself for not preventing the tragedy,  and anger at God for allowing this to happen. Despite some misgivings, Mack decides to go back to the shack, and there he meets God, although not as his traditional religious upbringing has described Him. God appears to Mack as " Papa", a large friendly black woman. He also meets a very human, middle eastern appearing Jesus, and a rather ethereal Asian woman named Sarayu, who is the Holy Spirit. After spending a weekend with this trilogy, Mack gradually re-examines his feelings, beliefs, life and spiritual issues. He learns to forgive himself, God, and the madman who "harmed" his little girl Missy. 

Did Mack really meet and fellowship with the three persons of God, or was it all a dream? The experiences and lessons he underwent were all so intense and deep, how could they not be real? In any event, this book was so fascinating and thought provoking that I very strongly urge people to read it. It may very well change the way we view God, religion, and the world, as well as being a gripping story that you won't want to stop reading until you are finished and wanting even more.

Richard Cerruti  -- Oct. 11,  2017



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