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Poem: Good News For These Times Can Be Found In These Rhymes

On Oct 11, 2017 02:25 PM EDT
Good news


God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Son

They're a trio and yet they are one.

God created us, but the work's not yet done.

God won't desert us. The battle will surely be won.

Satan will be defeated. He cannot prevail.

God hears us when we cry and we wail. .

His mercy and grace He'll give without fail.

Keep faith, for regrets too late will never avail.

Learn to love Jesus and follow His way,

And the Holy Spirit will guide us whenever we pray.

Love God as He loves us, each and every new day.

Repent and know Jesus, and we won't have to pay.

Close fellowship with God is what we most need.
Jesus loved us so greatly, He did willingly suffer and bleed.

We should no longer desire to commit sin or misdeed,

And we'll live on earth and in heaven with such great joy indeed. 

Richard Cerruti  -  Oct. 10,  2017



A Christian mother in Central Asia has been forced by her husband to either deny Jesus Christ or risk losing her child in a divorce in which he would be awarded sole custody, a persecution watchdog group has revealed.
Pope Francis said a prayer and condoled with Indonesia following a series of church attacks instigated by a family of suicide bombers last Sunday, May 13, in Surabaya.
A plane carrying three American Christian prisoners released by North Korea has landed near Washington DC early on Thursday morning and was met by President Donald Trump.