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Poem: We Needn't Face Troubles Alone

On Sep 27, 2017 08:51 AM EDT
helping hand

When we feel down and need a pickup

Jesus is here to lend a hand.

He'll ease our souls' heavy burdens;

He'll help us face life's demands.

By His example He will show us

That whatever hardships come our way,

He is able to overcome the entire world;

Darkest night overcome by the new light of day.

Satan and all his evil minions

Couldn't tempt Him from His love of God and man.

He gave His life that we may live.

His love is so unselfish, deep and grand.

No trouble we face is too tough to handle

When we have Jesus in our corner to fight.

For every maze that attempts to ensnare and frighten,

There's a map that will steer us right.

So when distress befalls us some dark gloomy day,

We should cry out to God for His aid.

He won't ignore us. He'll hear our prayer.

We needn't feel alone or afraid.

Richard Cerruti  --  Sept. 25, 2017



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