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Elim Staff Leads Friday Prayer Meeting with the Focus on the Education of the Next Generation

On Aug 29, 2017 09:31 PM EDT
Pastor Faith Leads Friday Prayer Meeting with the Focus on the Education of the Next Generation

Elim Center International staff pastor Faith led the Friday Prayer Meeting in Dover on August 25, 2017, which strengthened the members on how to educate the next generation well.

During the sermon, pastor Faith shared her own experience of growing up, and her hope for all members in the church to educate the next generation together. Her message profoundly gave members enlightenment on how to teach the kids. Pastor faith emphasized that prayer is very important for a child as he or she grows into an adult. No matter what things happen during this process, if they know God and know how to pray and communicate with God, we will not lose this child. God will lead him or her personally. They can know God deeply and see God's face during their quiet time before God. Besides, unconditional love is very important for a child. If he or she received this kind of love, they will not easily to be tempted by other people's love, because their hearts know what they need. Even the games which are very popular among kids will not easily cause tempatation when God and His Word dwells in the children's hearts.

After the sermon, pastor Faith led all members to pray for the next generation together, which led them to a deep communication with God on how to teach the next generation.

One member who attended the prayer meeting shared:"The sermon and prayer lead me to think deeply about the education of our kids.When I heard sastor Faith's experience, I have the same feeling. I grew up in a Christian family and prayers gave me a lot. Even though my parents love me, I still feel somewhat lonely when I prayed to God and praise God and read the bible. My heart was comforted.God protected me really well. Because the light of Word of God dwells in me."

The next generation is the future and hope. Elim Center really prays that the family, the church, and the school can give them the true bread and water to feed them! 



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