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Testimony from Elim Center International Leadership Trainee Arthur Scandrett

On Aug 12, 2017 01:55 PM EDT
Arthur Scandrett

Brother Arthur Scandrett who came from Washington D.C., attended the five-week Leadership Training at Elim Center International headquarters in Kirkwood from July 4 to August 4, sent us his touching testimony on August 11, 2017.

"My Experience: I chose this journey because I know Jesus deserves all of me. I was tired of failing trying to do things on my own, and He always pulled me through my struggle. Once I decided to sincerely follow Him, I never thought I would arrive at a place like Elim Center International. I never knew a place existed so gracious and peaceful with people so on fire with the Holy Spirit.

Upon arrival looking at what seemed to be an elementary school, I was overjoyed to be able to cook fish in a humongous kitchen my first day. The house where I stayed was just what I needed to focus my relationship on God. Once I fully met the entire staffs, I was so humbled by the spirit that lies within them. Every day started with a service dedicated to God above and an opportunity to hear His word, and followed by a prayer service and time to build a relationship intimately with Jesus Christ. Although, I had not fully adapted to the schedule, I was truly humbled by the commitment of everyone there. Even though it was new to me, I am fully aware that stepping out of my comfort zone is how I grow. The schedule consisted of service, work activity, prayer, lunch, Bible meditation, lectures, and dinner. Even though the schedule remained the same daily, each day Jesus opened my eyes to so much more information about Him and myself.

By His will, I was chosen to lead the praise in the morning. I went to school for music, so this privilege given to me, gave me an opportunity to sing for God and refresh my music skills in both voice and piano. I jogged in the morning to start my day which I used that time to talk to God. On the weekends, I also got the chance to spend time with the staff do activities like going to dinner and the movies and the lake, even the park for a BBQ for the 4th of July.

What God has shown me on this journey is priceless. I learned there are people who exist who truly love as Jesus loves and they reflect this in their daily lives. Pastor Zechariah and Pastor Faith, you both truly showed me the power of prayer and humility. Mr Edward and Ms Monica have both been a true example of the proper way of courtship and marriage. Brother Richard showed me the true example of God's strength and inspiration. And all together through the power of the Holy Spirit, you all showed me the power of God's love! And everyone else in the Elim family, I was blessed to be introduced to. I love you all and I pray God gives me the chance to see you all very soon. God bless." -- Arthur



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