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Elim Mexico: Testimonies of the Summer Retreat

On Aug 10, 2017 04:42 PM EDT
Elim Mexico

After the summer retreat, during which Elim Mexico organized two prayer meetings, members of the church shared their testimonies.

Alejandra, who attended the retreat for two days together with her husband and children, received abundant grace not only from what God showed to her, but also from what her husband received.

"I want to thank God for allowing me this winged weekend of my family, and for filling me with peace and tranquility to enjoy the retreat. I felt really happy." Alejandra shared.

"I know that God takes me by His hand and continues to show me great things with love, and helps me to establish the faith as a grain of mustard. When we do things truly with our hearts, everything else will be given in addition. This gives me great confidence that to be able to see and to feel similar things in prayer with my wife.I think God has united us even more closely and has given us more love. For me, the most beautiful thing is that I could spend this weekend in the company of all those who could share great learnings. "

The family of Alejandra and Adrian, who is currently serving in the praise team of the church, has undergone a total restoration this year through prayer and study of the Word. The church in Mexico also rejoices in their testimonies.



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