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Elim San Francisco Encourages Members to Develop the Healing Gift during Healing Prayer Meeting

On Aug 09, 2017 05:55 PM EDT
Healing Prayer Meeting
Healing Prayer Meeting
Healing Prayer Meeting
Healing Prayer Meeting

On August 4, Elim San Francisco led Healing Prayer Meeting on the first Friday of August. Elim Staff member Pearl shared the Word of God from Acts10:38, when God was together with Jesus, the Holy Spirit was also with Him and at that time many diseases were healed. Many people who were recorded in the Bible got healed by faith, but not only faith, the work of the Holy Spirit is also needed. Pearl encouraged everyone to have faith in God and pray for God's mercy at the same time so that the Holy Spirit can come down and heal many sick people.

After the sermon, Pearl asked everyone to put their left hand on their painful area to pray for themselves to development their healing gift. Members were very active and they prayed with an earnest heart. They also shared the grace they received from the process of prayer.

One member shared, "In fact, before coming to the church I was powerless so I struggled for a while, but eventually I came to the church. When the preacher asked us to put our left hand on the painful part to pray ourselves, I laid my hand on my stomach to pray. After the prayer meeting, I stood up and found that my stomachache had been healed! Thank God for giving me such a chance to pray."

Other members also shared the grace they received and many experienced the work of the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the Holy Spirit for pouring down the healing power.

Elim San Francisco prays that everyone in San Francisco will be able to make a great breakthrough in prayer, through which everyone can reveal the greater glory of God. 



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