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Elim Mexico Healing Testimony

On Jul 27, 2017 05:15 PM EDT
Elim Mexico Healing Testimony


A members of the church in Mexico testified about the healing she received from God after praying with Elim and personally.

Zaira Odete, who joined the church last year and became a member in December, returned to the church after focusing on her shcool for 2 months.  Due to sress, she developed high blood pressure.

The doctors gave her a special diet and asked her to change her habits, but nothing changed.  After several examinations she was told that the problem might be hypertension, but she didn't give up on prayer. 

After returning to the church, she started joining the prayer meetings with Elim, continually asking for prayers and finally, on Friday she shared the great news with the memebrs:

"I want to share a word with you... during this week I put myself in prayer and yesterday I went to the doctor, something amazing happened, because my blood pressure was already stabilized.  Well, they were about to declare me hypertensive. Glory to God I feel very good and thank you to each one of you who has me in your prayers. Let us continue praying day by day... until it becomes a way of life for me", shared Zaira.

The Elim Ministry in Mexico is guiding all members in prayer personally and also in group, with prayer meetings on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, as well as a special prayer meeting every last friday of the month.  

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