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Elim to Hold Next Leadership Training Aug 14 - Sep 15

On Jul 26, 2017 12:51 PM EDT

Elim Center International is going to hold their next Leadership Training from August 15 till September 15 for five weeks.

This program is for interested current and potential Elim staff members, and strong Christian believers who want to have serious prayer training combined with working opportunities. The training lasts for five weeks and is held up to three to four times per year. The first Leadership Training of this year was held February 13 - March 17, and the second one is currently going on from July 3 and will be completed on August 4.

The Elim Leadership Training requires the trainees not only to participate in the daily spiritual practices of Elim but also to dedicate to the HQ works for three hours per every weekday and be engaged in minor serving opportunities. Daily work duties will be decided based on each trainee's gift and skill sets (Examples: prayer warrior, writer, administrative staff, worship leader, cleaning crew, etc.).

If the trainee is from another country than the U.S.A., he can come here with an ESTA or tourist visa since it is a short-term training.

Travel fees are not supported. But participating trainees' housing, food and daily transportation will be covered throughout the whole time. Trainees, however, are responsible for all the other personal expenses throughout the program.

If a trainee completes this training successfully, he may apply for an extension of his training or even for an internship.

Those who are interested can download the application form at and submit their completed application documents to

People should start to prepare for coming to Elim Center only after they are notified of their acceptance to the training.



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