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Elim Center US to Hold the West Coast Retreat and Staff Conference

On Jun 13, 2017 03:42 PM EDT

Elim Center International HQ leaders will visit the Elim chapter in Riverside, California in the following week to hold various meetings with the west coast Elim staff from San Francisco and Riverside and also with the general WOA membership in that city.

Every year, Elim Center U.S. holds an annual west coast event at one of the Elim west coast chapters in order to have in-depth staff meetings with all the west coast staff and also share grace with WOA members in this region through various powerful prayer meetings and related activities.

Last year, the west coast event lasted for three days from April 1, brining a lot of spiritual blessings to the Elim staff and other participating WOA members.  

All of the participating Elim staff have great expectation of this year's gathering and are currently making preparations for it. The HQ leadership will arrive in Riverside on Monday, May 19, and lead the West Coast Staff Conference, which will include discussions, chapters' presentations, lectures, and prayer meetings. Also, Elim leaders will lead various prayer meetings for other WOA ministries and members located in Riverside. The whole event will end on Saturday. 



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