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Elim Dover Leads OLI the Second Leadership Training Prayer Meeting in Dover

On Jun 12, 2017 12:33 PM EDT
OLI training
OLI training
OLI training

On June 6 2017, Elim Dover Led the second Olivet Leadership Instiute (OLI), Leadership Training Prayer Meeting in Dover. The Prayer Meeting lasted for an hour from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The OLI Training started the day before the prayer meeting and it will last for two weeks.

In the Prayer Meeting, God comforted every leader. At the beginning, Elim staff asked everyone to share their personal prayer topics and prayed for each person individually. Everyone one who joined the prayer meeting shared their expectation for the training, their thirsty hearts to God and really want to know God's love deeply.

When Elim Staff prayed for everyone, God poured down the Holy Spirit and comforted them and gave them big hope through prophecy and vision. Many of them were full of grace and shed tears.

OLI Leadership Training focuses on training future leaders in Christian ministries from worldwide for Jesus Christ. OLI was launched in January 2013 and held its first training in Dover last year. Elim Dover led OLI's First Leadership Training Prayer Meeting in the same period. 

We really hope everyone can change during this training.Let's pray for those leaders more. May the Holy Spirit work strongly during the training and everyone can devote themselves to the Kingdom of God!



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