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San Francisco Holds the First Prayer Retreat on Pentecost Igniting Members' Hearts Amazingly

On Jun 05, 2017 05:36 PM EDT

The words of Journalist is limited, but the work of the Holy Spirit is unlimited. While listening to the scrambling witness on the stage, reading the successive testimonies via Telegram, the journalist's heart is ignited as well, wrote her own reflection and then recorded the work of the Holy Spirit with a prayerful heart.

San Francisco held the Pentecost retreat titled "To Follow the Way of Love and Eagerly Desire Spiritual Gifts" from June 2 evening to June 4 afternoon, which was the first prayer retreat in San Francisco with prayer lectures and much long prayer practice guided by Church and Elim.

In the opening service, Pastor Jacob delivered the sermon based on 1 Cor 13:12-13 and 1 Cor 14, exhorting all members to follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts to serve the Church. Elim staff Pastor Suyan taught the lectures regarding the tongue and how to communicate with the Holy Spirit. Elim staff Pearl explained different kinds of spiritual gifts with her own abundantly spiritual experience. In the closing service, Pastor Elijah delivered the sermon regarding how the era of the Holy Spirit came to us and how we should live in this era of the Holy Spirit, with the exhortation that we should complete the Great Commission living with God's words, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Meanwhile, lots of members gathered to pray in different ways guided by Elim staff. Members seeked for spiritual gifts one by one, prayed for each other and also many members prayed for one member at a time. All pastors, Elim staff and church shepherd leaders prayed for members. Families gathered to pray for each other. All members interceded for important topics. As the quantity of prayers increase, spiritual gifts are expanded and members' hearts are refreshed and healed as well.

Two senior moms and two members received the gift of tongues. Many members also received different spiritual gifts which are distinguished through their testimonies but it is hard to cut statistic truly. Many tears were shed during the prayer meeting and also testimony time.

Xueping said: "It is the most quality communication with God on the path of my 9-year faithful life. It is really abundant. My feeling is touched by God and members around me, then I realized I am this kind of existence. "

Anfen shared: "It is really an abundant day, I really met God in prayer and couldn't stop praying. I confessed that I truly need God and His love. I tasted the true satisfaction. God guided me to look back at my past life like a trip. Meanwhile, I couldn't help myself crying out because of my pain and bound astrict. However, I truly heard God's voice strongly speaking to me and realized how precious I am. It is really a beautiful day."

Ruth testified: "It is really grateful that we could celebrate Pentecost. My heart is renewed because the Holy Spirit works amazingly and unconsciously. God answered me, no matter what, I am precious and lovable."

It is so amazing that the same inner healing miracle was upon many members that they realized how precious they are in God. The journalist noticed at least 6 members who had the same confession.

Deborah shared: "I experienced the amazing power of laying hands in prayer. It is a really abundant spiritual banquet, opening a deep world in prayer. I am really thankful."

Anne shared: "It is really graceful that our sharing and testimonies are so honest and touching and I learned how to give myself to God during the retreat......"

Sarah Jia shared via telegram SF (San Francisco Prayer) Room 2017: "It is really thankful to see members' testimonies here and I am amazed by God's work. I read each of your testimonies and confession very carefully and received much grace and guidance. I am so amazed by the work of the Holy Spirit that He Heals souls, set souls free and reveals Himself to us so clearly. I realized God is so pleased when we love and serve each other. It is so beautiful that when we stand up and live in truth. It is the world of Messiah.

Members testified continuously via SF Prayer Room 2017 and they gave feedback to each other which is really encouraging.

More testimonies will be continuously shared.



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