Persecution Article

Elim Center International Gives Prayer Support to Christians in Egypt

On Jun 05, 2017 10:07 AM EDT

At the news of the brutal attack of ISIS on Christian pilgrims in Egypt, Elim Center International has decided to give intensive prayer support for the Christians in this country.

The Coptic Christians are the majority of Christians in Egypt and have been the targets of cruel attack and persecution from Islamic Extremists and hate crimes. Churches are strictly restricted by obstacles and regulations imposed by the law.


On Friday in Egypt's western desert near Minya, terrorists attacked a tourist bus traveling to St. Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Samalout. The death toll has reached to 35.

The bus was coming from the province of Beni Suef when the terrorists approached and started to shoot. The bus was stopped and the terrorists entered to steal phones and jewelry. They demanded for men to say the shahada and killed those who refused. Most of the guests were shot.

Terrorists also stopped a car and a truck coming from the monastery that also faced a cruel killing of seven men except two children who were allowed to tell the story.

The attack happened on the eve of the start of Ramadan, whose opening ceremony was cancelled when the news spread. It was the fourth horrific attack that targeted Christians since December. More than 100 people were killed by attacks the Islamic State group claimed. The last attack was carried out on Palm Sunday in April killing 49 people and 110 injured.

Christians in Minya now consider themselves to be easy targets of Muslim violence. Christians in Minya constitute about one-third of the population in the province, while about 10 percent of Egypt's population of 92 million is Christian.

One anonymous Elim prayer warrior in Egypt shared, "I hope we can gather some more Christians to pray for this nation. Christians in this country are suffering greatly."

An Elim Center staff in the U.S. said, "We deeply mourn for the precious lives lost due to a recent series of brutal attacks that targeted Christians in Egypt. At the same time, we honor the courage of all those Christians who were martyred for the name of the Lord. We believe they are now with the Lord, free from all the pains of this world. We strongly believe in religious freedom at any cost and think now is a time when more prayer warriors should awake and gather their hearts to pray more for the cessation of heightened attacks on Christians and for world peace. Please join our prayer efforts for Egypt and many other countries where Christians are continuously persecuted." 

Elim prayer warriors in Egypt, and other countries all agree to the seriousness of increased persecutions of Christians in Egypt and some other countries and believe more prayers are desperately needed.  

They are carefully following persecution stories and include prayer for these cases in their daily intercessory prayer which last for 70 minutes in total every weekday.

Please join Elim's prayer efforts for the stopping of the brutal attacks of ISIS and for the safety of Christians in Egypt.



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