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A Christian's Purpose

On Jun 01, 2017 02:32 PM EDT
fresh start

My worldly work done, I have one final task:

To help build God's kingdom on earth.

To learn His will and carry it out.

To help bring about a new spiritual rebirth.

To help spread the good news of Jesus.

That's what my new purpose will be.

Letting the world's people know that they can be saved;

From sin's deadly wages become free.

Knowing there is more to life than just the here and now,

Each day I ask God for a fresh start.

To see and to help others see too

That we can receive a new loving heart.

Jesus will to this world shortly return.

We believers will be with Him that day.

We will be alert, ready, and anxiously await

His coming, for which we feverently pray.

Please let me do many good works

And have an abundance of faith and of hope

That over obstacles and tribulations I will have strength

To overcome with the power to cope.

Let me help to prepare your path back to us

So you will rule forever with us that day.

Satan,sin and death will be no more;

The old world of evils you have cast forever away.

Amen  --  Richard Cerruti  --  June 1,  2017



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