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Elim Family Prayer Retreat Renews and Reunites Families

On May 23, 2017 03:42 PM EDT

The Elim Family Prayer Retreat was held in tremendous grace on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Elim leaders met each and every attending family to have a time to talk and pray for them.  

There were two messages given during the retreat. Pastor Faith spoke on reconciliation based on Genesis 32-33 and pastor Zecariah on "Prayer based on the grace of God," taken from 1 Peter 2:9.

There were also graceful group prayer sessions and lunch fellowship.

Yafeng shared, "I received quite a lot grace during the Elim Family Prayer Retreat. First, through today's sermon about the reconciliation between Jacob and Esau, God just taught me the proper way of Love. It is the way how the Lord loves us, just completely humbling himself, and even calling himself a servant of the other. Yes, we definitely need this kind love in the family. Second, pastor Faith's prophecy was really accurate for our situation. Both of us gained a lot of comfort and hope through the prophecy. Also it helped us recognize the way we should treat each other and the way to have a biblical marriage relationship. I'm so grateful that I could join this retreat. I just want to thank God for his accurate guidance and Elim members for their graceful serving.

Xia added, "Going to Elim is such a blessing. The members there show so much unconditional love and serving so my spirit could really take rest and find new strength again. God's love touched me deeply through the prophesy and gave me hope in His love once again."

Yuqiao also said, "Yilin(daughter, 10) shared after praying together that she was very thankful. She said that there was more peace in her heart, and even her body felt much more comfortable! When I listened to the sermon, pastor Zechariah said only when God's love enters your heart, you can totally change. Yes, even though I heard it many times and experienced that, I was still touched again. Only God's love can fill our cups! In the family prayer meeting, God told me, "You are the perfect person for him." It changed my heart. I thought I should become a perfect person to match him. I never thought that I was perfect for him. We heard this kind of words many times. But my focus was always that I should become a perfect person. So I tried to become perfect many times and ended up looking down upon myself many times. I was easy to be discouraged in life for I was not perfect when I was compared to other sisters. God let me know that my thought about "perfect" was wrong.  It shouldn't have been focused on myself, but on our relationship. Thank God!"

Elim staff were very thankful to hold the Elim Family Prayer Retreat and will continuously develop their ministries for families. 




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