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San Francisco Campus Students Shared Grace Through Learning The Course of Spiritual Life Training

On May 09, 2017 09:59 AM EDT

Through studying the course of spiritual life training, some students shared their grace.

These are their testimonies:

First student : God never asks people to dream of what to do for him. Before God called us, God already had what He had to do and planned.

God, I am so sorry.  For so many years, I have not known how to work with you and I am always feeling sorry for my own ability, always worrying about the lack of ability and I have ignored you. I have always admired Joshua and Caleb in the Old Testament and every time I preach their faith, I said Amen. I also declare that I if rely on you, I will be able to win. But I actually do not know what is called "the ability to rely on the Lord." Father, thank you for revealing my question to me. I finally understand that you have been working and you already have your plan. Now I can follow your peace of mind.

Because you already have 100% chance of winning, Lord, I will be the vessel of Thy hand and you shall mold me and shall show me every day. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

This is a good turning point, Lord, 2017, you greatly changed me and let my faith on the right track. You can do great things through me. Even my body, God, you are starting to train. You really love me and know me.

Second  student:  This course has made me benefit. Just on the three lessons, I have benefited a lot, especially in understanding God's will and work. I often encounter such a dilemma:

1, I regarded the wrong personal touch as God's will.

2, The direction of prayer is wrong, and therefore I can not get God's response. 

3, Due to I often encounter the second cases, it is difficult for me to pray. so naturally, I can't live with God and God's revelation is less and less to me.

This course is a fundamental correction of my misunderstanding of God's work. God let me realize my ignorance. Especially the misunderstanding of God, blame, disappointed reason, the original is not established. I did not seek the will of God in the way of God. For example, in the second class, I got a word, "God never ask people to dream of what to do for Him". We should not dream of what we want to do for God, and then call God to help us to complete it. It is better to seek what God's will at the moment and then to participate in. 




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