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Elim Europe gathering - 1st and 2nd day in Czech Republic

On May 01, 2017 09:49 AM EDT

1st Day

On the 1st day of Elim Europe gathering held on April 28, the meeting began with the grace of God  and was completed by the fullness of God's grace in the heart of gathered people.

The opening service was delivered by Elizabeth, from Elim UK chapter and the first lecture was on "inner Healing" preached by Pastor Julia. We received grace through the Word and all the more, the Holy Spirit delivered the love to each person in the prayer meeting. It was a precious time for everyone to shed tears and share only the Lord's love. Gathered people had time to be healed by only the love of God, and had time to unite in the sharing of love received from above.

May great power of God start to spread to all over Eastern Europe countries through this gathering. 


Day 2

The second day of the Elim meeting began with a counseling lecture delivered by Marketa who is from Elim Slovakia's chapter. Through her powerful faith, the gathering was a time for the Lord to be with us and to receive the power of great faith. Second lecture was about prophecy delivered by Pastor Julia. The last lecture was about intercessory prayer delivered by Elizabeth. The gathering end with a closing service. 

Through this meeting, it became a place to remind us of the importance of prayer and it was a moment to instigate the desire to get closer to God. It was time for everyone to receive the Holy Spirit and realize His love again. This gathering has opened the path of faith to believers who believe slowly by heart with a touch of love from the Lord.

Hope that Europe will be more comforted by the Lord and will rise again to become the continent that conveys His love powerfully.




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