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Elim Leadership Training Held May 8 - June 9

On Apr 24, 2017 05:30 PM EDT

Elim Center International HQ holds the Elim Leadership Training at its center in Kirkwood, NY May 8 - Jun 9 for interested current and potential Elim staff members from the U.S. and overseas countries. The training lasts for five weeks and is held upto three to four times each year. This is the second training of this year.

The training requires the trainees not only to participate in the daily spiritual practices of Elim but also to dedicate to the HQ works for three hours per every weekday and be engaged in minor serving opportunities. Daily work duties will be decided based on each trainee's gift and skill sets (Examples: prayer warrior, assistant prayer leader, writer, administrative staff, PR staff, lecturer, worship leader, cleaning crew, etc.).

If you are from another country than the U.S.A., you can come here with an ESTA or a tourist visa since it is a short-term training.

Travel fees are not supported. But participating trainees' housing, food and daily transportation will be covered throughout the whole time and they will receive a small stipend.

Please remember that this program is only for current Elim staff or Christian prayer warriors who are considering joining the Elim staff team. If a trainee completes this training successfully, he may apply for an extension of his training or even for a staff position.

Those who are interested can download the application form from here: Please submit the completed application form to

Please start to prepare for coming to Elim Center only after you are notified of your acceptance to the training.

Thank you and God bless you!



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